Egyptian Documents

This collection includes Egyptian documents pertaining to President Gamal Abdel Nasser, the Central Committee for the Socialist Union, the Revolutionary Command Council, Ministers Council and publications.

Days of Nasser from the Egyptian Press Handwritten Papers
The collection contains 7,938 revolution events from 1952 to 1970. You can browse the events according to date by determining a certain year or a certain month and year. You can also search for a word or a phrase such as (Charter of the United Nations) or (the Soviet Union). The collection contains 153 documents holding 729 handwritten papers that include private letters exchanged between President Gamal Abdel Nasser, his colleagues and his family, in addition to lectures, drafts, and notes in his handwriting, published for the first time.
Central Committee Sessions Revolutionary Command Council Decrees
This collection holds the central committee sessions. The BA built a search engine for the words of this collection and their derivatives, and therefore you will be able to view the sessions by date or session number. You can also search in the contents of the sessions. The collection includes 134 decrees of the Revolutionary Command Council Decrees from 1952 to 1956 . You can view all these decrees. You can also search in the decree titles or view the decrees that were issued during a certain period of time.
Cards exchanged between family members Minutes of the Ministers Council Sessions
The collection holds 29 cards exchanged between family members on different occasions. The collection is divided into 16 cards from the President, 3 cards from the First Lady and 10 cards from the children and grandchildren. The collection contains 21 minutes, including 1,130 papers for the Ministers Council sessions in 1955, 1961,And 1962.
Fedayeen and free officers Publications
This collection contains 13 publications, divided into publications by the Fedayeen; which were 6 English publications that were distributed throughout British Camps, and the Free Officers publications, which were 7 Arabic publications that were secretly printed and distributed with the purpose of promoting enemy resistance and fighting for the sake of the nation.